About us

PBO is not your everyday promotional bag supplier. We legitimately love what we do and strive to be different from the rest. Our point of difference rests in the quality of our bags, the style and functionality that took us years to create and develop. With over 35 of those years establishing our reputation as a market leader in Australasia, PBO has learnt a thing or two about delivering the best there is.  

Our philosophy is simple – supply the best. In an effort to do so we always attempt to provide you with a product that meets the latest needs you face from your clients. This means keeping in touch with the newest market trends.

Quality and design however, are just the beginning with PBO. With our large scale operations across Australasia, we maintain the high standards you require while making them that much more affordable. PBO’s supply chains are second to none. We have secured reliable manufacturers, sourced quality materials and skilled personnel all in the effort to bring you a product that you can always depend upon.

Within our range you will see just how our products benefit from extensive local and international research, boasting the latest designs, colours and finishes from around the world. We are confident we have a bag for every brand.