Do we offer in-house decoration?

YES we do, We offer Transfer Print and Screen Print, please contact kristie@promobagsonline.com.au for details.

Is the QTY showing accurate?

Yes, the available QTY on the website located in the right hand corner of each product page is accurate. As we can hold stock for 2 weeks and continuously have back orders coming in, please feel free to have our friendly staff double check for you.

How much is freight?

We offer FIS (free into store) freight to one location Australia-wide via standard courier service. For stock shipments with multiple destinations, our policy is to cover the largest cost and onforward freight costs of any additional deliveries.

Where can I find PMS colours?

All PMS colours are included under specifications on each product page. You can also access our PMS reference chart when you’re logged into our website. The chart is located under useful info (under the search bar, top right corner).

How/who do I send a PO to - (online ordering through website)

Your PO can be submitted direcetly to your Account Manager via email or telephone. If you are unsure of who your Account Manager is, you can email johnny@promobagsonline.com.au or phone 1300 764 191. Alternatively, we also accept orders online through the website. Under all pricing (you must be logged on) there is a "Buy Now" button which allows you to purchase straight off the site. 

How can I view pricing –(distributor login)- how to make a login

To access pricing through our website you will need distributor login credentials. To receive your login credentials, fill in your details in our sign up page (above search bar) and one of our staff members will activate your account within 48 hours. If you have any problems logging into our website or forget your login details, please contact our office or your account manager and we can reset it for you.